TouchPoint Assessment

Maximize revenue now and in the long term by finessing touchpoints. I’ll help you identify the gaps between your current activities and the donor-centred  activities that will help you maximize revenue. TouchPoint Assessments include phone or in-person interviews with key stakeholders, documentation of current challenges, and a customized Action Plan.

  • External 180 Degree Assessment  – a review of all (or if you prefer, buy topamax only some) external touchpoints that impact donor relations – like thank you letters, direct mail, social media, website, newsletters, events.
  • Internal 180 Degree Assessment – a review of all (or if you prefer, only some) of the internal hurdles and factors that impact donor relations and your ability to raise funds. For example, collaboration, structure and budgets, policies, practices.
  • Full 360 Degree Assessment – a review of external touchpoints and internal factors impacting donor relations and your ability to raise funds.


Donor Engagement Pathways

Empower donors to partner with you to make the world a better place. I’ll help you

  • Identify key donors and/or donor segments, e.g. Legacy Donors
  • Strategize engagement for each identified donor/donor segment
  • Document your action plan
  • And if you wish … provide strategic counsel as you execute your plan

Presentations, Workshops, Training, Coaching, Mentoring

Customized to your need for individuals or groups, e.g. front-line/admin staff, fundraisers, Board Members